Friday, January 20, 2006


wow guys.
so last nite i came home...i had had a hard week of grading and writing comments, including one or two all-nighters in there and of course still having to teach about the civil war and the a daze of sleeplessness...when i see a mysterious box, with no return address or actually there was a random address in california...and i open said box, and again it's mysteriously packed with no information...i'm like what is this black box....and then i see it's an ipod...i am thinking okay who sent this to me anonymously...and then i open the tiny white envelop with the little apple on it and see it was from you all. thank you so much for the ipod!!! i am so touched by your thoughtfulness and generosity...i sat there not knowing what to do with it...i feel like a whole new world has been opened to me..hahah...okay a little dramatic there...but yeah. thank you. who cares about food?
hahha..i have been eating out a lot recently...perhaps will update about it in the near future...

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