Friday, January 06, 2006

Boston standbys

I am not yet at a point where I can post about standby restaurants in DC but - for the benefit of our law student - and our many other Boston-based readers, here's a list of favorites from my time there (organized by category, to be read in the key of G-Major).

Thai - Dok Bua
Harvard Avenue, Brookline
Cheap and tasty, what could be better? Nothing. I pine for it still. The food is so good that even the humiliating experience of ordering take out and showing up with no means to pay for it (wallet left in a friend's car and spare credit card expired) couldn't keep me away.

Turkish - Family Restaurant
Washington Street (near the public library), Brookline
The baby eggplant appetizer may be my favorite eggplant dish ever. And for an eggplant-lover like me, that says a lot.

Indian - Tanjore
Eliot Street, Cambridge (Harvard Square)
Two words: lunch buffet. Well-priced and consistently yummy.

Sushi - Mr. Sushi
Harvard Avenue, Brookline
Given the number of restaurants in my list located in tiny Brookline one might be tempted to conclude that convenience was my culinary trump card. Not so. There are probably 10 sushi restaurants in the blocks around my old apartment. Mr. Sushi is not the best (that would probably go to Fugakyu, where Judy's sister once was a hostess) but it is inexpensive and good quality. The caterpillar roll will convert anyone who squirms at the thought of eel.

Pancakes - Deluxe Town Diner
Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown
Eggs are fine. The various lunch and dinner options are nothing special. But the pancakes - they're worth a wait in the cold. This decor at this diner is cute with a capital C and I dream about the blue corn pancakes. Next time I'm in Boston, it's you and me at Deluxe Christine. Ok?

DC recommendations HEARTILY welcome.


  1. I too pine for Dok Bua noodles or cheap, but good Mr. Sushi. Yet, I've never lived there. Evidence that Boston is the ideal in big city eating at just the right size for intimacy? Or maybe just evidence of how I felt about living in the Rust Belt.

  2. I miss Anna's burritos from when I used to visit Luis in Boston. Oh, and also the Japanese curry at Porter Square and the red bean pastries there too.

    Hil, do you live in D.C. itself or in Maryland or Virginia? There's this one amazing Chinese restaurant in Virginia that I beg my bro to take me to anytime I'm visiting him. I'll have to get the name of the place from him.

  3. annas and porter are my favs porter, the best is cafe mami where they give free rice refills so you can eat like 5 plates. they have the best entrees like garlic lemon chicken and hamburg and katsu. UGH why is it so far away on the T :[ oh and the green tea milkshakes that go really well with the miso soup for some reason. plus, whenever im eating in those small little stall restaurants i like to imagine im actually in japan haha. im dying right now. time to stop writing about food

  4. I was at Family Restaurant last night once again. Excellent food, as usual, though I had the Turkish pizza with ground beef, which wasn't the best thing to have on a 95 degree day!