Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Judy's Food Log

no duk-guk (traditional rice cake/dumpling soup) for new year's...instead i had a disappointing meatball sandwich with fries :(

yay vietnamese food! at a really local place in south philly...
2 summer rolls (shrimp/pork)-delicious
1 bowl of steak pho...just ok

three course meal at tgif's
chips with queso dip-pretty good...but i think i was starving.
bruschetta chicken pasta-the garlic was really strong and overpowering
vanilla bean cheesecake-yummy, but i was too stuffed to really enjoy it :(
spiderman balloon (i didn't eat this, but is there always a guy who walks around tgif's to make balloons for people?)

i feel like i'm on a dieter's blog revealing my eating habits...i don't really have interesting food stories...right now i eat to live, rather than live to eat....coincidentally is anybody watching the biggest loser tonite?


  1. Yes, I'm watching it as we speak. They lost so much weight!!! Crazy and inspiring!

    Not a diet blog!! Just interesting tidbits or restaurant reviews or anything! Judy, I liked that place we went to last time in Philly with all the small dishes (but not tapas). I remember the wasabi mashed potatoes.

  2. i want a spiderman balloon!