Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Random Food-Related Thoughts

This puppy is so cute I just want to gobble her up!!! (hence, posting this on our food related blog)

But that got me thinking: where the heck did that phrase come from? I've heard people say similar things about babies. For example, "He's so cute I could eat him!" Why are we so cannibalistic when it comes squishy and cute babies?

Anyway, another random thought...or maybe it's a question.

A while back I had to buy some baby food for my final design project. I walked through the aisles at the local grocery store and where did I find it? In the same aisle as pet food; actually to be more specific, exactly opposite the bags of dried dog food and stacked cans of cat food.

Is that where baby food is normally located in grocery stores?

Also, another odd/funny thing was that at the very top, above the shelves of baby food, they had hanging boxes of cond*ms! Maybe to remind parents, "If you don't want this to happen to you again, use these"?!?!?! I just thought it was so funny.


  1. Hm, the dogs are a bit of a stretch on the topic of food! And as I'm not a fan of dogs (even less so now that I live in the city and feel like they are a major contributor to dirtiness), I don't have the appetite for them on our food blog! Or hm, maybe we should consider those who do have the appetite for dogs....hahaha.

  2. once time i was really hungry so i dipped into my little baby nephew's stash of baby food and discovered something very tasty: MEAT STICKS. it sounds horrible and primitive but they are essentially vienna sausages but better. not as salty and probably loaded w/ nutrients since they are for babies

  3. cgw that is disgusting! eating baby food in itself is unappetizing but finding meat sticks in it?!? YUCK.

  4. no trust me kitchenette. they are GOOD. well only if you like packaged meat byproduct type foods (thnk spam)