Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The World's Greatest Candy

It's incredible. It's undeniable. It's irresistible.
It's Peppermint Bark.

And we owe it all to Williams Sonoma for concocting this perfect minty chocolate. The sharp mint flavor not only surprises your tastebuds, its aroma flows up into your nose so it lasts even after you've swallowed your last bite! The decadent creaminess of the chocolate hits the spot! The bits of crushed peppermint candy add a delightful crunch. It all melds together and sends me into bliss.

I first discovered this treat one day when I happened to walk into Williams Sonoma just to browse and found myself offered a handful of chocolate. I knew it from the moment I first tasted it. This would become my new love. I soon found myself making more deliberate trips into the store whenever I happened to be nearby - the chocolate a magnet pulling me in with its sweet force. I would search desperately for the salesperson walking around with the plate of Peppermint Bark slabs. Sometimes I would get my fix and suddenly the day was looking up. But other days I left disappointed, a raincloud hanging over my head even if the sun shone bright in the sky.

Post-Christmas, I began to see signs for this box of pricey chocolate on sale. I soon decided it might make for good gifts. But by the time I finally sought it out, the first store I tried was sold out. But I persisted and managed to find a store where it was even more deeply discounted than I had hoped and still well stocked!

If you have not yet tried Peppermint Bark, get thee to a Williams Sonoma fast!


  1. kitchenette is OBSESSED w/ all things peppermint. Mr. Minty mustve been your favorite character in candyland. mine was Gloppy and Grandma nut. if gloppy and grandma nut mated, they would have delicious children.

  2. Two things, Kimmie.

    1-Ghirardelli also makes the same kind of peppermint bark! Maybe you should start stocking up now.

    2-I saw a recipe for homemade peppermint bark that also includes rice crispies for another layer of texture. I will try to find it!

  3. Here's the recipe! It's from "Everyday Food" magazine.

  4. cgw is such a cannibal.