Wednesday, January 04, 2006

BLT Fish Review

I ate here with my family last week and had a pretty good experience. We were first whisked into the elevator up to the third floor. The dining room is somewhat small, maybe 20 tables. We had a table fairly close to the back of the room, which made the meal more fun because the kitchen is open so you can see everything that's going on in there.

We started off with complimentary small cubes of raw salmon in a celery puree with chopped asian pear on top, which was nice, though didn't taste that special. Now, the warn cheddar chive biscuits on the other hand, are excellent. They come with butter that has a little maple syrup on top (as well as a little card with the recipe). We were also given a second set of them upon request!

The raw bar menu from the fish shack is the only thing from downstairs that they offer in the dining room. We had stone crab claws and lump crabmeat salad. We also ordered the grilled octopus salad. The raw bar food was standard but tasted fresh. The octopus was very nice - it came with roasted grape tomatos and i think it was fennel - and had a very nice grilled flavor.

The whole fish on the menu are mostly for sharing between two people. We had their signature crispy red snapper cantonese style and the sea salted new zealand pink snapper. We liked the red snapper best - it came with chinese sausage (when we ordered the waitress asked if it was okay if it had pork sausage in the dish - but I wasn't picturing chinese sausage, which I don't think I've ever had in a non-Chinese food setting) and mushrooms in soy sauce. The pink snapper had a very thick crust of sea salt when it was brought out (they bring the whole fish to the table so you can see it and then they take it to be deboned before serving) so much so that you couldn't even see the shape of the fish! The pink snapper didn't have as much flavor and the bits of salt left on the plate made bites occasionally too salty.

For sides, we had the silver dollar potatos (crispy and good), the crispy rice galettes (not bad) and two special sides - roasted brussel sprouts (they were kind of overcooked) and potato truffles, which were basically fried balls of pastry with potato inside (I personally didn't like the consistency of the potato inside but my family liked them).

As you can see above, for dessert I had an ice cream sundae upon waiter recommendation that I think was some combination of chestnut, vanilla and chocolate flavors? I didn't love it though. There was too much of some kind of cream on top that had a weird almost grainy consistency. My dad had a cappuccino that had very neat foam on top, which is also pictured above (I heard the waitress tell the table next to us that they have a great barista.)

And then there were the complimentary desserts (you can see them in the first photo): the green apple cotton candy that came in a jar of the sort you see in doctors' offices for cotton balls and a small plate with mini macaroons, a coconut ball and some other translucent sweet that I didn't try. The macaroon didn't have much taste.

All in all, a good meal in an interesting and fun space.

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