Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I love dessert. I think that's pretty plain to see.
And I've discovered a great little gem of a cookie store here in New York on W. 50th and 10th. It's called Ruby et Violette and it's easy to miss since it's way over on the west side and the storefront is so small. But the cookies are amazing! They're medium sized and cost $1.25 each. But the best part is that they make all different, interesting flavors: rose, strawberry & champagne, french vanilla, tiramisu and my personal favorite: espresso bean. The selection varies from day to day. Most of them are chocolate chunk in addition to whatever flavor cookie it is. Go check it out or take me with you!


  1. Kimmie, can we stop by this place next time we're in the area? I love cookies!

  2. this post made me order two batches of cookies for birthdays. our blog is now costing me money.