Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Food Poem by Deepa

My name is Deepa
I like to eat
My cooking, however
Equals defeat

I like to read
Your foodie posts
To see which restos
You like the most

Can't wait to check out
That resto week
So I can be
A chowhound geek

For now I'll say
I like my diner
Across my street
And food can't be finer!!


  1. Nice literary touch to our blog :)

    We should all go for a late night meal sometime! Who would've thought that the random diner way out there would get such good reviews!

  2. This diner sounds delish to me;
    Like good old times in New Jersey.
    How 'bout we go there one Thursday;
    Then watch OC. What fun - Hooray!