Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Papa John

papa john's is #1 in the field of mega franchise fast food pizza. and i should know since i am a poor student dependent on late night fatty take out food. well i guess that makes it sound like i am forced to eat it...but, in truth, even if i were stinking rich and living in manhattan w/ all the fine dining establishments at my fingertips, i would still remain faithful to the big papa. its good if, like me, you prefer saucy rather than overly cheesy pizzas. and the pepperonis are always nice and crispy. i always get "the works" with its various meat and veggie toppings but i hear the chicken alfredo pizza is good too. PLUS, it comes w/ special dipping sauces. the garlic butter is allows you to finish off your otherwise dull crust with a garlicy bang. and the spicy chipotle wings are also addictive and im not even a wing person.

and as if the delicious pizza werent enough...if you order online then you can get a free blockbuster trial for a month (the one where they mail the movies to you). so you can get extra fat eating the pizza while slumped in front of the tv watching free movies for 10 hours. good deal good deal. just make sure you cancel the subscription after the free trial is over so you dont wind up paying...and then start another account w/ your subsequent pizza purchases. evil pizza scams! >:P

papa john also has a very inspirational story. he started off working in a pizza parlor in high school and then opened up his own pizza stand in the coat closet of a pre-existing establishment. it took off from there and now he has a pizza empire spanning the entire globe (i hear there are tons of them even in korea). i love rags to riches stories like that *sniff* .


  1. aw, i'm all teary at the thought of papa john.

  2. one might ask how christine manages to keep such a trim figure with eating habits like this.