Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dinner at Kunjip

Chickiecc and I had a great hit-the-spot dinner at this place in K-town tonight. The cold weather just brings out the cravings for hot and spicy food. Luckily we were able to get in there early (6:30) - we just beat the crowd. We had to share a four-person table in this sort of "hip" place filled with mostly young Koreans.

Chickiecc will have to fill in with the actual names of the food we ate, but we started off with an appetizer of spicy, glutenous chewy rice "sticks" with strips of fishcake and onions over chewy vermicelli noodles in a thick brown gravy. (Sorry, if that actually doesn't sound appetizing, but it was delicious!)

I ordered the stone pot bimbimbop that I'd been hankering for. Chickie had a dried pollock (aka dried fish?) soup. There were the usual Korean accompaniments. But the restaurant also gives every table a complimentary steamed egg casserole that was piping hot in its stone pot. To finish, they also brought us each a cup of cinnamon, persimmon tea - a sweet, cleansing/digestive tea at room temperature. Everything was very tasty! (I could make this a standby place!) While not super cheap, you do get a lot of food for what you pay.

I was forewarned that the place rushes you through (which seems necessary when you see the line out the door). While they did seem to hurry us a bit, it came in full force at the end of the meal as they came to take away our dishes the second we paused and put our chopsticks down! From that point on: Pay the bill, get your coats on and get out of their way!

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