Monday, July 27, 2009

A Street Sweets Encounter

With some time to kill one day last week, I stopped by MOMA. It turned out to also be an opportunity to try the Street Sweets truck, which has found a steady space across the street from the museum's entrance on 53rd Street for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I opted for an afternoon snack of iced coffee and a $1.50 chocolate chip cookie. The coffee was pretty standard, though it was served in an eco-friendly plastic cup. The chocolate chip cookie was of the softer variety - fluffy with good, melty chocolate chips. Not bad, but I prefer my cookies to be less cakey. And for $1.50, it was on the small side. My assessment is similar to Midtown Lunch's: Though it's been some time since I tried the Treats Truck chocolate chip cookie, I do recall it being tastier and cheaper ($1). (Not long after getting my Street Sweets treat, I passed by the Treats Truck on 45th Street near 6th Avenue parked next to the Rickshaw Dumpling truck. Midtown along 6th Avenue is veritable corridor of street food.)

The Street Sweets brownies and small tea cookies looked tempting too. One thing the truck may have going for it is that it also has savory croissants to satisfy those who want lunch before dessert. The gentleman who served me was enthusiastic and presented me with a frequent customer card that he explained would allow me to choose anything from the truck once the card is filled. He didn't fail to promote the truck's Facebook and Twitter accounts either. While I support dessert trucks and think Street Sweets is perfectly good if I am in the area, I probably won't be going out of my way to grab its treats.

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