Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Food for Film

The Times writes about styling food for its on-screen role - so that it looks realistic and is not just edible, but actually tastes good for the actors eating it.

When watching films or plays involving food scenes, I have long wondered whether the actors get tired of ingesting things over and over when rehearsing (or performing nightly in the case of plays). Here's a clue:

"Chris Messina, who plays Julie Powell’s husband, had a great appetite and never complained, even on the day he had to enthusiastically eat bruschetta topped with tomatoes 36 times."

But not all of it is real:

"Of course, there are plenty of times a food stylist has to employ tricks. Cherry pies are filled with mashed potatoes, poultry is partly roasted and painted with Kitchen Bouquet, glycerin and water make beads of sweat on glasses, and ice cream is wrapped around dry-ice nuggets so it won’t melt."

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