Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Favorite Food Blogs

I have already acknowledged many of my favorite food blogs in my posts and many of the links I've used have directed readers to some of them. But I thought perhaps others might be interested in further reading on all things edible, culinary, restaurant-related and tasty.

The Atlantic Food Channel: The Atlantic magazine has been steadily improving their online presence and gave it a huge boost with the addition of a food channel steered by editor Corby Kummer. He has a column that runs regularly in the print edition of the magazine as well. The blog has a diverse set of contributors, including Marion Nestle, a food nutrition expert and NYU professor, and Grant Achatz, chef and owner of famed Chicago restaurant Alinea. Some of the posts are quite thought-provoking and philosophical in nature while others are more basic but still interesting.

Bitten & Diner's Journal: The New York Times dining section blogs. Bitten is primarily by Mark Bittman who writes The Minimalist column in The Times and is author of the How to Cook Everything cookbooks. It discusses various fresh ingredients and posts good recipes. Times food critic Frank Bruni is the main contributor to Diner's Journal, which covers all issues from food politics to drinks to food policies. Both blogs have a supporting cast of other writers as well.

Eater, Grub Street, & Serious Eats New York: These blogs provide a steady stream of updates through the day on all New York restaurant and food-related news. There is a lot of overlap between them, but I like to read all to cover my bases.

Serious Eats: This is a general food blog, related to Serious Eats New York, that is geared more toward recipes and cookbooks. It is also a space for the general food community to interact.

Midtown Lunch: Zach Brooks maintains this terrific resource for good, cheap (generally under $10) places for your midday meal.

Gourmet Magazine also does a great job of posting articles with interesting angles and insights into food issues. The best way to keep up is to follow the RSS feed.

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