Sunday, July 05, 2009

July, July

It's July, so you know what that means- a new custard calendar at Shake Shack!

Monday - Mojito
Tuesday - Peaches 'n Cream
Wednesday - Black Cherry
Thursday - Mulberry
Friday - Red, White & Blueberry
Saturday - Cavaillon Melon
Sunday - Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn must be a popular flavor as I have seen it appear during several months. Though I haven't tried the Shake Shack version, I have never been a fan of the flavor anywhere else. And I notice its repeated presence here because on multiple occasions I have found myself in the neighborhood considering some custard on a Sunday and have been saddened to remember that it was a Sweet Corn day.

I have had Peaches 'n Cream, which was slightly disappointing for me, but will likely work for anyone who likes chunks of fruit mixed in with ice cream. I'm most intrigued by the Mojito flavor.

I had never heard of Cavaillon Melon and had to research what this flavor might be. It's a French melon named after the town they come from, similar to cantaloupe. Apparently extremely fragrant, they are enjoyed mostly during the summer months. Nice touch, Shake Shack!

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