Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Gourmet Read

Gourmet magazine is one of those publications that seems to have a narrow focus of food and drink, but in fact manages to cover a broader range of related issues, including travel, culture and design. And for that, I love it even more. It does a good job of including interesting, complex recipes for those who might be more advanced cooks, but remembers the cooking- or time-challenged by presenting some simple, quick recipes as well. And all of this in a beautifully designed package.

So being the fan I am of the magazine, I signed up for the Gourmet newsletter- a weekly e-mail from editor Ruth Reichl with a brief story or notes about some of her favorite things and links to the best of recipes and stories from the Web site.

This week's newsletter focused on the theme of ice cream. Here is Ruth's note:

"When I first got my ice cream maker, I used it all the time. Then I got lazy; with so many amazing flavors in the store, making homemade ice cream didn't seem worth the trouble. But last weekend, with a pint of cream that was about to turn sour and strawberries that were a ripe bargain, I decided to make strawberry ice cream. It took—honestly—ten minutes, and it was so spectacularly rich, fruity, and flavorful that it completely overshadowed the pies I had baked. Now I'm inspired; tonight I'm making Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Maybe that's all we'll eat for dinner."

This issue includes links to Cinnamon Toast ice cream, canteloupe grappa semifreddo, and a savory dijon ice cream.

Go to and sign up for the Gourmet Weekly newsletter (on the top right) or better yet, subscribe to the magazine! If you're at all interested in food, I think you'll find it worth it.

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