Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bicoastal Food Truck Mania

Serious Eats reports that yet another food truck is coming to New York's street vendor scene - this one will be peddling Moroccan food in Union Square.

While New York marvels over its abundance of food truck options, Los Angeles has its own set. The Los Angeles Times has its own theory on the proliferation - the product of the middle class's evolving lifestyle:

"On the other hand, despite being hyped to the heavens, these decidedly experimental -- and often expensive -- nouveau food trucks may be more than just an emblem of culinary fusion or a clever use of social networking technologies. They may actually herald a significant change in the mobility patterns of young, middle-class urbanites known as "millennials."

"I think the vending phenomenon is the product of a whole new lifestyle," says James Rojas, founder and co-chairman of the Latino Urban Forum and a transportation planner for L.A. County's MTA."

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