Friday, August 21, 2009

Small Bites

-Criticizing Dunkin' Donuts cost a doctor his job.

-This fall, Gourmet magazine will introduce a new TV show, "Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth". Ruth Reichl will visit cooking schools around the world.

-Danny Meyer will expand his empire with a new restaurant on Gramercy Park. has an essay on Jell-O. I bet Jell-o is one of those foods that is tied to memories, good or bad, for many people and I count myself as one of them. When I wasn't having ice cream for dessert as a kid, I was eating pudding or Jell-O. It was such a fascinating process to make it - mixing the hot water with the fruit-scented powder, popping it into the fridge, and a few hours later having a jiggly dessert to eat!

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