Saturday, August 01, 2009

Small Bites

-Blue coloring in M&Ms could be good for you. Who knew?

-Food banks are benefiting from the federal stimulus law. Good thing because they have been seeing increasing numbers of people in need of food.

-Is there any correlation between gender and food preferences? Some people seem to think so - the new Wheaties Fuel is being marketed specifically to men.

-Or do people's ideas of comfort food differ based on age?

-DiFara's slice is now $5 and the owner, Domenico DeMarco, is unapologetic, saying he uses ingredients that make the slice worth it.

-The difficulties of the cacao trade in Venezuela are many.

-The House passed new food-safety laws. Under them, high-risk food plants would be inspected by the FDA more frequently - currently, some plants are only inspected once a decade, if that.

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