Friday, August 07, 2009

First Meal in the Southern Hemisphere

Only a few hours into our stay in Buenos Aires, we were ready to dive into traditional Argentine food. Lunch options typically include empanadas, tamales or locro (a hearty stew).

We arrived at Na Serapia, a small luncheonette, hungry, so we ordered four empanadas to start - chicken; cheese and onion; choclo (corn); and salteƱa (a mix of seasoned beef and vegetables). Empanadas are a half-moon-shaped stuffed pastry and the more lard used in the pastry dough, the better they taste. These were crispy, flaky and buttery with nice charred spots on the crusts and they had a hefty amount of flavorful filling. A happy first kiss from Argentina.

Ready for more, we moved on to a tamale and a humita - two corn-based items both wrapped in corn husks. These had a hard time sustaining the love. The pork tamale didn't come close to being one of the best I've had - the masa or corn dough was dense and the pork cubes were kind of tough. This was my first time trying a humita. Once unwrapped from its covering, its appearance was not enticing- a pile of wet corn mush. This sweet corn and masa dish was too sweet and the flavor too flat. My energy fading, I was already looking forward to the next meal.

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