Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Wednesdays at Shake Shack

Somehow much of August has escaped me and it wasn't until now that I checked out the custard menu for the month. This time I sampled Wednesday's Melon Mint topped with Valrhona chocolate chunks. Melon and mint seems like a strange combination at first, but after tasting this, the two actually have more in common than I realize. The melon - it tasted of honeydew - was the overwhelming flavor, but it was because of the underlying mint flavor, which boosted it and helped the melon to radiate. The chocolate chunks were really good quality dark chocolate and were a good texture contrast to the custard. This isn't a flavor that blew me away, but was fun to try.

If you make it to Shake Shack in the next ten days or so, here's the menu:

Mondays: Salted Caramel
Tuesdays: Dark and Stormy
Wednesdays: Melon Mint
Thursdays: Sweet Corn
Fridays: Watermelon Tomato
Saturdays: Bellini
Sundays: Berry Blue

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