Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shake Shack Review

When I'm at Shake Shack, you'll usually find me in the B line gearing up for custard. There's almost always little or no line, and custard is far better than a burger, though I have to admit that many a time I have longed for fries to be offered in the B line. On a recent evening though, I found myself in the longer queue snaking around the curve of Madison Square Park. A friend was having her virgin Shake Shack experience and, well, the line IS a big part of that. But it's not so bad, comparatively, late on a weekday night.

I decided to indulge in the Shack Stack, which could otherwise be called a heart attack: a 'shroom burger (fried portobello with melted muenster and cheddar cheese) paired with a cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and Shack sauce, all on the same bun. Oh yeah, and a side of fries. Don't ever forget that side of fries. No custard only because I'd already had some (coffee & donuts!) earlier in the day.

I usually don't love burgers because I don't enjoy the taste of beef, though I have found that the rarer the beef is, the more I take to it. Shake Shack's burgers are cooked medium and the meat itself is tender and flavorful (supposedly a mix of sirloin, chuck and brisket). But the real trick for me is the cheese and sauce that drowns it all out. I also can't get enough of the crinkly cut fries; they're crispy and addictive and for french fries, they are reasonably ungreasy.

The inside of the 'shroom burger is something to behold. Have you ever seen so much oozing cheese? But if you look really hard, there is a sliver of mushroom peeking out on top. If you're going to wait in a long line (from line to eating it was probably about 45 minutes), you might as well just go for it.

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  1. I still cannot totally believe that you ate that. Promise you'll limit your 'shroom burger intake to ONE per year!