Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Small Bites

- Salon details the art of being a food snob. It sounds like what just about all food bloggers do intuitively because they enjoy food, are interested in what they eat and eat adventurously.

- Being a good cook can earn you the admiration of friends, but on the flip side they may also have a phobia of you — of feeding you.

- American food companies are intensifying the flavor of their products, perhaps in response to a public that has evolved a broader palate.

- Mexico's police officials are trying to encourage the force to slim down.

- Can you name which restaurant chain has the unhealthiest dish in America?

- Some seemingly healthier food options contain just as many calories as some more obviously bad-for-you eats.

- Even though a soda tax might help decrease soda consumption and make us healthier, it might need to be reframed because people react badly to having their behavior controlled.

- A Japanese television show, Kitanachelin, takes the Michelin guide concept to cheap and dirty but delicious places to eat.

- A former restaurant critic for a Tacoma paper is now unemployed and living off of food stamps.

- Lay's wants to market itself as food rather than a snack while Kraft wants to stir an adult love of its macaroni and cheese.

- Our perception of egg flavor may just be psychological; a store-bought egg and a backyard egg have little difference.

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