Friday, June 04, 2010

A Pilgrimage to Paris

Coincidentally, Francis Lam, of Salon's Food section, is writing a series of posts from his food pilgrimage to Paris. He too sought out a good baguette and found his at Eric Kayser, at least on one day. He's finding that his "best" may just be what makes him happy:

But I thought about it some more, and discovered something about what it means for me to be in this country looking for culinary benchmarks: It shouldn't be about finding "The Best." It's about finding something that makes you happy and makes you ask, "How can it get even better than this?" It's about finding the bites that show off characteristics I never thought existed in that food, or ones I never thought could be so much themselves. And once that door is open, I can start to wonder if it can be even more that way.

And, really, that's not even about being in France, it's not about making a food pilgrimage. It's an experience anyone can have anywhere. Like literature, like film, like anything worth caring about, the artist only does one half of the equation; it's up to the audience to care about it enough to do the rest, accepting the idea that tasting is worth concentrating on and thinking about. From there, it's just a matter of eating things, discovering what you like about them, and keeping that in mind the next time you eat that thing. After all, you don't find memories, you make them.

So check in to see what else he finds in Paris to make him happy.

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