Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Small Bites

- The U.S. Department of Agriculture is sponsoring researchers who are trying to develop a low allergy peanut.

- Some of New York's main food bloggers do the difficult task of picking their favorite restaurant (except for Ed Levine who was honest in saying there are too many to name).

- Eater interviews George Mendes, chef of Aldea restaurant, one year in. I dined there twice last year with good results.

- Il Laboratorio del Gelato, on the Lower East Side, is one of the city's standout gelato places. But I have yet to hit it when they were offering some of their wackier flavors. This profile of the place and gelato maker, Jon Snyder, makes me want to try harder.

- Despite letting Gourmet magazine go under, Conde Nast is working with Parade Publications on putting out a new newspaper magazine called Dash, with food articles and recipes aimed at surburban mothers with children. The Gourmet archives will be part of it.

- Slate investigates claims of fraud in the wine world.

- A Chipotle burrito vs. McDonald's Big Mac. See how it all shakes out. I would always choose Chipotle over McDonald's, but when I do, I try hard not to think about all that nutritional info.

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