Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Return to El Quinto Pino

I recently returned to one of my favorite tapas bars in the city, El Quinto Pino. I've reviewed it previously so here's a mostly visual rundown of my latest meal there.

Fideua: Noodle paella 
This was tossed with some squid and shrimp. It had an almost Asian noodle flavor to it (my dining companion likened it to ramen noodles).

Uni Panini: sea urchin sandwich
This was much spicier than the first time I had it. It was slathered with a wasabi mayonnaise.

Nuestras Bravas: signature crisp potatoes w/spicy aioli  
They know how to do the patatas bravas really well here. The potatoes are so crispy and coated in a perfect aioli. I can't not order these here. Do not skip.

Tortilla: Classic potato and egg omelet 
The tortilla sandwich has been taken off the menu, but you can still get a good standard tortilla española here.

Pericana: baguette topped with saltcod with garlic and ñora pepper
This wasn't what we were expecting, which was something more along the lines of a bacalao. The saltcod was prepared like ceviche, but soaked in a chili oil. It was a little too greasy.

EQP Gambas al Ajillo: Shrimp, garlic, jalapeño, ginger
The shrimp were sweet and the flavor of the sauce is outstanding, not too garlicky.

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