Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Coffee and Donuts

Despite having to work, I celebrated a lovely Labor Day with Shake Shack's Monday custard flavor, Coffee and Donuts, and some friends. The Shake line was intimidating - longer than I have ever seen it. It often rounds the curve on the edge of Madison Square Park, but I had never seen it snake so far as to nearly form a semicircle!

So it was with great glee that we marched up to the B line and immediately heard "I can help the next B line guest." It was so quick that we weren't even ready to order (not that there was much to consider - just a cone or a cup). And within minutes we were savoring creamy coffee custard with large chunks of cakey donuts that somehow managed not to get soggy despite being nestled in the custard. Here you can see my cup before tasting and a closeup post-excavation.

This was good enough that even after I finished mine, I was still happy to help my friend finish hers! Coffee and Donuts ranks in my top three Shack flavors alongside cake batter and Red, White and Blueberry.

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