Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tabla Bread Bar Visual Review

Tabla Bread Bar is one of my standby restaurants and one that I consistently list among my favorites. It's a great place with modern, non-traditional Indian food and a casual, but nice atmosphere. They make great fruity cocktails and flavorful food.

Here's a brief visual run-through one of my recent meals there:

Bread Bar Ceviche: Nova Scotia halibut marinated with mango chutney, peanuts & chilies

Manila clams in curry sauce

Corn Chaat with red onion, chili and lime

Sourdough naan

Tapioca flaked soft shell crabs with spring onions, green mango, coriander broth

 Pulled lamb & mustard-mashed potato "naanini" drizzled with fresh lime juice & chilies

Peach and Blueberry cobbler with roasted corn ice cream and sour cherry coulis.

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