Thursday, September 03, 2009

An Outsider's View of the Times Cafeteria

A review for those who might actually be intrigued by what, to me, is the subpar Times cafeteria. I was more interested to see how well it could impress an outsider. No doubt, daytime options far outweigh the nighttime ones, but everything sort of has the same flavor and somehow I always end up back at the salad bar. And it's not really much cheaper than what you can get outside.

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  1. dpawaters9:46 PM

    awesome dining room! and the pictures of the food looked pretty great.

    much better than what we have, which is nothing. however, in the olden days i used to sneak into WGM law firm cafeteria (which is in my building) - food was great & cheap plus a high floor in a building overlooking the city. . . pretty sweet. smoothing sailing, until they figured it out and hired a security guard to prevent hooligans like me from slipping past the velvet rope of the cafeteria line.