Monday, September 21, 2009

Philadelphia: My First Cheesesteak

 My first Philly cheesesteak came from Tony Luke's at the Phillies ballpark. I decided to go all out and chose the wiz cheese and fried onions. It was a large sandwich- well for most people, but I polished this off easily! Though i generally dont eat beef I make exceptions for trying something that seems essential to the time or place. Yes, I believe in something as cheesy as food provides you a better sense of a place.

I enjoyed the saltiness of the cheesesteak and the idea that i was indulging in this very Philly tradition. Yet, it wasn't quite what I'd want out of an ideal cheesesteak. I'd want crispier or caramelized onions. Id want the meat to be more grilled with charred edges and oh, a toasted roll too. I suppose this is a question for the more experienced cheesesteak eaters/fans - what makes a perfect cheesesteak and are there versions like my idea of one?

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