Thursday, December 16, 2010

El Guyaquileño Cart Review


I was in the mood for something ethnic for lunch, something with some heavy spices or flavors, something to warm me up from the inside and keep the chill out. I thought about returning to the Dosa Cart to try something different, but then I remembered a cart I had seen often on my way to work, parked in Midtown on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 37th Street — El Guayaquileño.

After reading Midtown Lunch's review, I thought the goat stew sounded like the perfect remedy for my cravings.

When I went to order, the man at the truck said they didn't have the goat. And he went on to tell me what he did have, which was a bit confusing because the side of the truck has a menu, but apparently not all of it is always available. I was caught a bit off guard and disappointed, and in that moment just ordered some chicken and rice. It seemed tame, but I wasn't sure I was ready to try beef tripe from a food cart. My instinct at the time wasn't to be daring.

In the end, my order was too tame, for it was a very basic grilled chicken over white rice and salad and a side of lentils. The food was mostly good (the rice had a few crunchy bits in it as though some of it was undercooked) and it was a decent portion for $8. I really liked the warm, hearty lentils too. But next time, I'll be bold.

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