Tuesday, December 07, 2010

DBGB Revisit

It had been over a year since my first visit to DBGB. I returned with a dining companion who was new to the place. The food on this visit was a notch better than last time, but it still seemed like a place to go to primarily for the sausages; the other food is incidental.

To balance out all the meat in the meal, we chose the simple butter lettuce and chive salad with radishes and garlic mustard dressing. The large leaves were lightly coated in the mild dressing, making the flavors feel well integrated rather than overwhelming. It's the way a salad should be done, if the dressing isn't served on the side.

If you plan on sampling different flavors of sausages, ordering the duo of sausages entree is a good option. We got the crumbly Beaujolaise (pork, mushrooms, onion, bacon & red wine) served with a side of lentils and the Thai sausage (pork, lemongrass and red curry with green papaya, basil fried rice, chili sauce and a quail egg). Both were good, though I really enjoyed the Thai sausage. The seasonings common to Thai food — basil, lemongrass — were bold. But the Thai sides tasted like they were trying too hard.

Our other dish was the Amish chicken braised in amber lager. The meat came out tender with a good stewed flavor. The chicken was served with the skin on but it wasn't too fatty. It came with thumbalina carrots, pearl onions and a side of spaetzle that was a little bland.


For dessert, a pecan & maple ice cream sandwich, which was a daily special strongly recommended by the waiter. The ice cream and a sugary layer of pecan and maple were wedged between two slices of chocolate brownie-like cookies. The whole thing was topped with sweet pecans and accompanied by a side of what tasted like butterscotch sauce with a touch of alcohol added to it. I liked this a lot and it managed to satisfy both a desire for a chocolatey dessert and a non-chocolate-lover's sweet tooth.

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