Thursday, December 23, 2010

Leña Latin Grill Review

After passing by Leña Latin Grill nearly everyday for months since it opened this summer, I finally went in and tried one of their "wraps." Wraps are one of my least favorite things to eat, but Leña's versions are more like burritos. In fact, I had the impression that this fast food place was not unlike a Chipotle.

There's a small takeout window up front, but you walk through the seating area to order at a counter in the back. The room is decorated with a shelf of firewood, which is what the restaurant's name means in Spanish. You choose your wrap, salad or plate and you get to choose your sauce and additions as well (you just don't get to see them or watch your food being put together).

I built my grilled chicken wrap with coconut rice and grilled corn and pico de gallo sauce. For $7.95, the size was decent. Though in many ways it seems like a Chipotle, the burrito itself does come off healthier — the chicken tastes cleaner and less greasy and overall the seasonings are milder. And after finishing, I didn't feel quite as heavy as I do from Chipotle's monstrous burritos. There were also some fresh juices in several flavors that looked interesting that will probably be more appealing when the weather gets warm again.

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  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    It's probably not an option you've considered, but it isn't mandatory to eat an entire burrito in one sitting--so you don't have to come out of Chipotle or Lena or any other burrito joint feeling heavy.