Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Must Eat: Lamb Burger

Often, I recommend restaurants that I've had good meals at because I think the food I've had is good overall and the atmosphere is right for the occasion. Less often, a particular dish I've had stands out and merits returning to a place just for that one thing. But those are the things that I become evangelical about, foods that people just must try. 

Last year, I visited April Bloomfield's Breslin restaurant for the first time and liked it. I have been back several times because the food's pretty good, and the location and hours are often convenient. But since trying the signature lamb burger there, it's become one of my favorite dishes in the city. The thick, juicy burger is served medium rare on a grilled bun with a slab of feta cheese and slices of red onion. When you cut through it, the pink juices spill out and drain into the moat of the cutting board-like plate. Eating it nearly quenches a thirst. Sinking your teeth into this burger is a satisfying effort and your tongue is humbled by the deep, smooth flavor of the lamb. The fat fries are crispy and addictive. They come with a cumin mayo on the side. It's a complete winner of a dish. 

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