Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dosa Cart Review

When it comes to eating in Midtown, many have a knee-jerk reaction that there aren't many good options. Midtown Lunch has done a lot to dispel that notion. And if you are open and adventurous, there's an abundance of places to explore. The area seems to have a greater concentration and variety of food trucks at lunchtime than most other areas. For a while now, I have passed by a dosa truck on my way to work everyday. Today was finally the day for it. I was sick of my cafeteria salads and decided to head over to the truck on Broadway and 39th Street.

Basically all the items on the menu are $5. The cart not only offers dosas but also uttapam and rice dishes.

For my first encounter, I decided to try the basic masala dosa. Dosas are a South Indian specialty, a thin crepe folded over various types of filling. The masala dosa is a mixture of curried potatoes and onions.

I worried about not being full on this $5 serving, but it was plenty. It came with a small cup of spicy sambar and a coconut chutney. The dosa had slightly more onions than potatoes (I would have preferred the reverse), but I was pleasantly surprised that the crepe was still crispy in places. The trip was worth it and I'll be interested to try some of the other offerings.

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