Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Recent Eats

Lunch at Lazarra's Pizza. The lunch special fried calamari sandwich with a spicy red sauce. I liked that the breading wasn't thick, but the sandwich was a bit on the bland side, not to mention quite messy, and the calamari wasn't tender enough.

Brunch at Craftbar is always a good bet. The menu is large; the food is pretty simple and tasty and it's never too crowded.

Eggs Benedict with smoked bacon and Hollandaise on an English muffin served with breakfast potatoes.

Corned beef-potato hash with fried eggs and bearnaise sauce and a side of toast.

And a last minute addition of cinnamon rolls that looked so enticing on another party's table that we just had to order them. When we requested the rolls, the waiter told us they were out of them for about half an hour. But we decided to wait. And they were worth it. Not too sweet, but buttery rich.

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  1. -admirer of your appetite10:25 PM

    Oh, kitchenette...Of course you'd wait 30 minutes for cinnamon rolls. But they do look fantastic!