Thursday, November 18, 2010

Restaurant News Roundup

Some noteworthy restaurant news in the New York restaurant world:

- Chef Yasuda is leaving the restaurant bearing his name, Sushi Yasuda. It's one of the best sushi spots in the city.

- Artichoke Pizza, which opened a full restaurant in Chelsea earlier this fall, is about to open another takeout branch in the Village.

- Tea drinkers might be interested to hear that Harney & Sons have put down roots in Soho.

 - And for coffee addicts, Piccolo Cafe has opened a small storefront on 40th Street near Eighth Avenue where it sells pasta, sandwiches and desserts in addition to coffee.

- The owners of The Breslin recently opened the highly anticipated new John Dory, also at the Ace Hotel. The restaurant previously had a home in Chelsea but closed last year.

- Brooklyn Fare's Cesar Ramirez will expand into a new restaurant next door.

- K! Pizzacone is now papered up and there's a for rent sign in the window.

- Il Laboratorio del Gelato's much-delayed larger branch in the Lower East Side has opened.

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  1. The opening of Piccolo Cafe is the best restaurant news I've heard in awhile! It's hard to find a good Batista in the city!