Friday, March 19, 2010

K! Pizzacone review

 K! Pizzacone: Today was your chance to convince me, a pizza lover, that despite your silly name, your concept of pizza in an easier-to-eat form would woo me. You had been teasing me for weeks as I walked by. This was your day only because I missed my chance with No. 7 Sub, which ran out of bread by the time I returned on its first day. Your open doors were welcoming and my stomach too weak today to pass you up. The bossa nova playing in your bright yellow room was novel for a fast food joint. You offered so many choices, but I finally settled on bbq chicken with tomato sauce. You made me wait, but you came out looking quite nice.

The cheese was enticingly melty and hot but everything also seemed sufficiently crispy.

But you were even a little shorter than I had expected. Your cone was kind of gritty, not like a good genuine pizza crust would be. Your sauce — I tasted more tomato sauce than bbq — was a little too sweet. For $5.33, I can get two real pizza slices elsewhere. You just don't match up. I left wanting something more. So, let's just be friends, 'k, Pizzacone? 

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  1. Very funnily written. Guess I will not be eating here, unless as a last resort!