Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small Bites

- Finding a good grocery store in New York City is a tough order because many are small and dirty or have little stock while others are just plain expensive. In a grocery comparison between Gristedes, Food Emporium, Fresh Direct and Whole Foods, which would you guess is the most cost-effective option? The answer might surprise you.

- The people behind the recent documentary Oscar winner "The Cove" are part of a sting operation on a California sushi restaurant suspected of serving whale meat.

- A Chinese herbal treatment may help curb the rising number of people reporting that they are afflicted with allergies.

- Musicians are foodies too. Several own restaurants.

- Fluorescent lights at supermarkets may help make spinach healthier for you.

- Why healthy stuff costs more than the bad stuff.

- An interview with Daniel Humm, chef at Eleven Madison Park.

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