Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Small Bites

- After failing to open a lower Manhattan outpost, Grimaldi's Pizza plans to open a 24-hour branch in the Limelight Marketplace, in a former church on W. 20th Street.

- Tipping is always a hot topic for debate, or maybe, just complaint. Also, a North Carolina customer was refused service for being a bad tipper and in return, she calls for a boycott of the restaurant.

- Dining at Blue Hill Stone Barn is a meal to treasure, especially when you think about all the fresh fruits and vegetables of the spring and summer. But can a meal at this local farm-based restaurant still be as interesting in winter? The Washington Post finds that even in cold weather, Blue Hill still finds a way to pull off its inspired cooking, and that a trip there should include an exploration of the surrounding area.

- Flavorwire comes up with a fun little guessing game for these artistic photographs of typical breakfasts from various countries.

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