Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Small Bites

- I have trouble letting go of any book, but Epicurious has some suggetions if you're looking for some help culling your cookbook collection.

- Chef Pierre Gagnaire tries to stay away from faddish foods and instead finds inspiration among Asian ingredients.

- Although Chinese food is nearly ubiquitous, it takes many forms, and Hangzhou food is one type that has yet to be imported to the West.

- Who has a responsibility to try to fight obesity?

- To be a true locavore, you have to pay.

- One writer takes a stab at making healthier cupcakes.

- Ben & Jerry's no longer claims it's "all natural."

- Some interesting essays on food: The influence of ethnic foods, connecting to memories through paella and Francis Lam's street fair experience, a commentary on the melding of cultures in the cuisine of America.

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