Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hill Country Chicken Review

Flatiron barbecue spot Hill Country is one of my reliable, go-to spots. So when they got in to the fried chicken game and opened Hill Country Chicken around the corner, naturally, I was excited to try it.

The line seemed reasonably short when I arrived in this retro-looking kitchen. Everything is sold a la carte and so it took awhile to figure out exactly how best to compose my meal.

You can see the various pieces of chicken sitting out under warming lamps after they've been transferred from the oven behind the counter. But long after I had settled on what parts of the chicken I wanted and the sides to accompany it, I was still waiting. I have to give the place some slack given that they've only been open a short time. But if its popularity proves to be lasting, they'll have to get a few more servers or get the servers to move a little faster.

I ordered two "classic" drumsticks and a thigh. The other option is to order "Mama Els'," skinless fried chicken. I added a biscuit and a side of corn salad to top it all off. Some early tasters have complained of the place being overpriced, but given that this was delicious and filling, I'll disagree. The chicken was succulent with a thin coating of seasoned breading that didn't overwhelm (but one of my dining companions thought that though the fried skin tasted good on the chicken, it was a bit odd-tasting on its own). The biscuit was just okay; it lacked a buttery fluffiness. The corn salad was a good side that felt somewhat healthy. I also had a chance to taste the Texas Tenders, which looked so thick I thought they'd be dry. They weren't and were impressively juicy. The fries were also decent.

While the a la carte option does make the whole experience seem more expensive, I like the option of being able to easily turn this fried chicken into a snack. That should say a lot; I plan to be back.

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