Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Egg Review

I previously dined at Egg, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for brunch a few months ago. More recently, I had a chance to sample the dinnertime offerings. The menu overall has a Southern bent to it, but I had heard much to do about the fried chicken, so I was eager to pass judgment on it.

In place of bread as a starter, there are boiled peanuts, soft and salty.

The caramelized grapefruit with mint, served warm, was more sweet than bitter, as grapefruits can be. 

I chose a thigh and leg (I'm a dark meat girl) for my quarter fried chicken, which came with a buttery biscuit and a shredded cabbage salad. The fried chicken has a very light, peppery coating and the chicken was juicy. I liked it, but the coating could have used a little something more, perhaps more butter or a spicy kick. My Southern dining companions were big fans of the cabbage salad.

We also got the Carolina kale — kale and tomatoes in a lightly spiced broth served with a huge hunk of grilled cornbread. The tomatoes dominated a bit and a few pieces of kale had too papery of a texture.

The egg house salad was a plate of deviled eggs and country ham served with mixed greens. The ham was too salty, but according to my dining companions, these were excellent eggs. I defer to them as I have limited experience with the deviled kind.

We ended the evening with a big bowl of plain vanilla ice cream because Egg keeps it simple.

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