Friday, September 03, 2010

Recent Eats

Sam's Falafel Stand downtown reminds me of the highly regarded and oft-recommended falafel spot in Paris, L'as du Falafel. Several rounds of crispy, not too garlicky falafel stuffed inside a soft pita with eggplant, hummus, lettuce, tomato and a little spicy sauce.  It makes for a very tasty and satisfying lunch. And for $4, it's a bargain.

Wafel & Dinges is a yellow Belgian waffle cart that you may have run into around the city if you were paying attention. Although I had passed by it several times, I'd never had the opportunity to try it out. This time though I was hungry for something sweet and it fit the bill. Wafel & Dinges now have several carts out, but this one is stationed at South Street Seaport. Although the guy in the cart tried to explain the ordering, there still seemed to be some confusion as to just how many toppings you get with your order. We ended up with the "de bom," a wafel topped with a scoop of strawberry ice cream and our choice of toppings — strawberries and strawberry jam.

The wafel was a nice soft and chewy chunk of dough that absorbed the fruity jam nicely. The ice cream didn't exude enough strawberry for my tastes but overall the combination did the trick at quelling my sweet desires.

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