Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Small Bites

- Tel Aviv is Israel's culinary capital.

- The Village Voice interviews the executive chef of Gramercy Tavern.

- Photographing food and posting it online for others to see (seem familiar?) is an exploding phenomenon.

- Yelp, a source of many customer restaurant reviews, is changing the way it posts reviews.

- A study of Dairy Queen.

 - The Boston Globe publishes the first of a three-part series about a couple opening a restaurant on a budget, in a recession — are they to be admired for pursuing their dream or considered foolhardy for "misguided idealism"?

- The last sardine cannery in the United States, in Maine, is to close this month.

- Why eating oysters isn't inconsistent with being a vegan.

- People have complicated relationships with food.

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