Monday, April 05, 2010

Custard Kick

With the weather getting warmer, I've found myself swinging by Shake Shack more often to fill my custard cravings.

On a gloriously beautiful day this weekend, I actually found a line for the B line for the first time. But not excruciatingly long, unlike the main one, which wound around the curvy paths of Madison Square Park for what must have been a two- to three-hour wait. 

But now, on to the Pancakes & Bacon custard. It looked like vanilla, but perhaps we had to break in for the surprise. It turns out this was pure disappointment. Where oh were the bacon bits? Or the buttery flavor of pancake batter? If my dining companion and I hadn't known better, we would have assumed this was a creamy vanilla with sporadic salty pockets.


Mondays are Shack-uccino day. The custard was flecked with what I assume were espresso bits and had a mild, creamy coffee flavor with light undertones of cinnamon. It was tasty, though I could go for a more robust coffee note to it. But the ample helping of custard was appropriately refreshing for a warm day.

Shake Shack was also offering a couple of "Easter Specials." I don't know how long these will last now that the Easter holiday is over, but the Standing Order concrete special has been around for several weeks now, despite being listed as "Today's Special."

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  1. The Easter Dog either sounds great or gross, I can't tell which...