Thursday, April 01, 2010

Small Bites

- A review of Jamie Oliver's new television show. Oliver goes to Huntington, W. Va., to try to change the eating habits of the unhealthiest and most obese city in America.

- American culture is obsessed with competitive eating.

- A shortage of slaughterhouses puts a crimp in the eat-local food movement.

- Things are looking up for restaurants with the arrival of spring, returning customers and a bounty of certain crops.

- Learn how to be an urban forager; you can start by finding edible day lilies.

 - The fight against obesity has spurred a push to eat healthy, often meaning more fresh fruits and vegetables. This Slate article brings attention to the health value of eating frozen or canned vegetables too.

- The Obamas are making a Passover seder a part of White House tradition.

- What does it mean when products are labeled organic and how important is it? 

- Researchers have decoded the genome of a much-prized black truffle.

- Making good dim sum is an art. The Wall Street Journal talks to some dim sum chefs in Hong Kong and shares the intricacies of it.

- What if movie theaters offered healthier snacks at the concession stand?

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