Friday, December 04, 2009

Small Bites

- Iran gets its first U.S.-style supermarket.

- It's a rough season for oyster harvesters in Texas, coming a year after Hurricane Ike. It's so bad that some harvesters may go out of business.

- Bagels can be a dangerous food.

- Although it seems like street carts in cities across America mostly have enthusiastic support from customers, they face many bureaucratic nightmares

- Some restaurants are bartering free food for services like repairs and pest control.

- Daniel Gross, a columnist for Slate, asked readers why he couldn't find any chocolate in China. Turns out, there IS chocolate in China.

- The debate over charging obese airline passengers extra, which I wrote about in June, has been renewed by a photo posted on a blog showing a passenger so large he was spilling into the aisle.

- Do you prefer your sandwich cut into triangles or rectangles?

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