Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cold Weather Comfort

With a strong chill in the air, it's a good time to pick some foods to indulge in to warm our stomachs. Start with a sweet drink that will melt away the frostbite: NYC Food Crawl has a hot chocolate crawl this Sunday on the west side of Manhattan. A friend also mentioned to me she was craving soondubu, a hearty Korean soft tofu stew. This is a great wintertime option — a stone pot of tofu, boiling hot, and spicy if you so choose. Serious Eats shows us how to make it at home, but if your culinary skills aren't a match for this, climb the stairs to Seoul Garden in K-town. Maybe it's time to load up on carbs in the form of mac and cheese; if so Macbar is giving away mac and cheese to the first 300 customers this Saturday afternoon beginning at noon. Or go for a classic chicken pot pie. Whatever you do, eat well!

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