Monday, February 13, 2006

Pick of the Day: Pick-A-Pita

The area around Madison Square Garden is known as a veritable black hole for good lunchtime eats. One exception however, is Pick-a-Pita. Literally located within a warehouse, this teeny shop churns out the best shawarma; and from what I've read, also makes a mean felafel.

Along with their delicious rotessierie dark meat chicken, Pick-a-Pita offers a variety of salads and condiments to make your own sandwich just the way you like it. Toppings include pickled red cabbage slaw, shredded carrot salad, cross-sections of pickles, marinated raw onions, among many others. Everything is extremely fresh and made as you order (sometimes creating a long lunchtime wait).

My personal favorite is the chicken shawarma pita sandwich with hummus, green sauce, harissa, red cabbage slaw, raw onions, extra pickles, with a sprinkle of tahini. This sandwich is a thing of beauty. Click below to see a photo of the shawarma.

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