Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can't get enough

I have high hopes for the new blog The New York Times is now offering by Frank Bruni. Bruni is a writer for the dining section, providing weekly restaurant reviews, but they aren't just any old reviews. He has some of the cleverest, funniest and most interesting writing I have encountered in newspapers. So I am delighted to see that now I'll have a chance to (hopefully) find more of that on his blog. And of course we can't get enough of food news! Even when the restaurant review is a thumbs down and you find yourself without a tip for a new restaurant to try out, you'll at the very least be left with some great writing in its place.

He has started off with a glowing review of the new restaurant Morimoto (led by the chef of Iron Chef fame, Masaharu Morimoto) that has a predecessor in Philadelphia. Bruni also writes about the difficult reservations in the city.

Be sure to check the blog out for good words and for good food news!

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  1. I, too, love Bruni's writing. My favorite post so far is the one about restaurant reservations. It's very interesting. I've never thought about it purely from an economic perspective like that.